DH-Ultralite series

Film Type: Pre-Stretched Hand Wrap


Stretch film type: Pre-Stretched Hand Roll

DH-Ultralite film is stretched closed to its ultimate break point before being wound onto rolls for final use. The film would offer optimum holding force with little stretching is required.

In term of thickness, pre-stretched films are much thinner than traditional films. This in return would produce less environmental waste.

Thus, the resulting rolls are generally light, which would make them easier to handle. Also, since very little torque is involved, users can benefit by being able to use a walk-forward wrapping technique for safety measure.

Oscillation winding and folded edges of the pre-stretched film would prevent damage on the roll edges. Hence preventing rolls to be wasted.

Pre-stretched film consumption can be quite significantly less than that of traditional stretch film. Together with a minimal neck down of the pre-stretched film, it would create a saving on the cost of pallet wrapped.

  • Width: 400 – 430mm
  • Bi-axially oriented
  • Folded edges
  • Oscillation winding