What is a highlight tester?

The highlight tester ensures more accurate quality control measures for our company and for all our customers. We will be able to improve the accuracy of data regarding our stretch film products to our customers with this testing machine. The equipment tests the stretch film rolls at speeds simulating actual application of the film roll.

The type that is being used by our manufacturing facility is the Highlight Power Hydro-Stretch®, which tests a number of parameters:

  • Ultimate test – testing the ultimate stretch level of the film, typically the break point at stretch given in percent (%)
  • Quality test – testing the stretch level at a specific stretch level targeted by the customer, given in percent (%)
  • Vision test – hole detection, provides the potential holes in a film roll, that usually causes tear points
  • Puncture test – finds the puncture force at a specific stretch level, e.g. 5 pounds of force to puncture film at 300% stretch
  • Retention test – allows the user to understand the holding force changes of a stretch film as it is stretched with load applied
  • Cling test – records the film’s cling capabilities at a certain stretch level
Test stand full picture, Highlight industries

We are pleased to have the Highlight team come to our facility and train our Quality Control team. As we keep looking to add more product knowledge and improve our services for our customers.



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